Intimately scaled pieces of ceramic art that enrich your day-to-day life.


When will more work be available?

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Upcoming Events

My work is also available for purchase when I participate in gallery exhibitions and online group shows.

"Impostor's Cup Show", online. Preview and Instagram Live July 10-13 and the sale goes live on July 13th at
- 2 pieces that I have secretly made in another artist's style will be available.

"Yunomi Invitational" online and in-person at Clay Akar Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa in August and September 2025.
- 6 of my cups will be available for purchase.

"Material Mugs IX" online and in-person at Companion Gallery, Humboldt, Tennessee on September 6, 2025
- 4 of my mugs will be available for purchase.

"Cup, the Intimate Object XX" online and in-person at Charlie Cummings Gallery in Gainesville, Florida.
- 5 cups/mugs will be available for purchase.

"Winter Warmers Cup Show" online and in-person at Good Earth Pottery in Bellingham, Washington from January 1-31st, 2025.
-4 mugs will be available for purchase.

Online workshop (interactive demonstration) with Pocosin Arts on Saturday, February 8, 2025. Registration link to come!

About Kirsty

Kirsty Kash is a ceramic artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her love for clay was ignited when she took a beginner pottery class with a friend in 2012. She continued in-person classes and honed her craft further through additional workshops, books and formal art education.

Recognized as an emerging ceramic artist in Canada, Kirsty's work has been featured in invitational and juried exhibitions across North America, published in magazines and she has shared her knowledge through a webinar with the Ceramic Arts network.

Kirsty enjoys playing the piano, tending to her plants and spending time with her incredible partner, children and fur babies. She is passionate about raising her sons with emotional intelligence and an understanding of the ongoing struggles for equality.

Her aspiration is to utilize her art to bring awareness to issues such as sexism and misogyny, and inspire others to think critically about their own behaviours and the societal norms that marginalize women.

About My Work

My pots take up space. The floral pattern I carve deeply into the pure, porcelain surface interrupts stereotypical clichés of how the world prefers women to be. The vibrant colours are a rebellious message, bolstering women and other marginalized groups in their fight to be seen for who they authentically are.

From birth, females are callously objectified and much of our value is determined by our appearance. We are socialized to make ourselves smaller to ensure that other people are comfortable. In early motherhood I began to realize that I had spent so much time morphing myself into what I thought the world wanted me to be that I had absolutely no idea who I actually was or what I wanted. Through my art I aim to spark meaningful conversations about how we raise our children and interact with women. 

My pots are the message I wish I could deliver to my younger self.